Jules Chéret

L’esprit et la grâce

Hard–cover catalogue to the exhibition "L’Esprit et la grâce", presenting the œuvre of Jules Chéret at Palais Lumiere in Evian, France, in March 2008. 200 pp. Dust–jacket, slipcase. 24,5 x 31 cm. Approx. 120 colour illustrations. Texts by Pierre Blanchet in French and English.
Born in 1836, Jules Chéret is quite rightly considered to be the inventor of modern-day poster printing. All of his works (more than 1000 posters) reflect his extraordinary creativity. Chéret successfully managed to inject spirit and grace into his posters advertising shows, festivals and all manner of products. The flip side of this success is that it overshadowed his work as a painter. For many, Chéret was simply a poster designer and a large proportion of his other works remained unknown, despite being just as significant as his lithographic posters.

Jules Chéret was an illustrator and painter of astonishing virtuosity. His vigour is admirable. He drew effortlessly with an extraordinary eye and remarkable accuracy. He was also a fantastic colourist. His works roughly cover the period from 1870 to 1925. From 1895, Jules Chéret took a new direction – that of wall paintings. It was one of his most loyal admirers, Baron Vitta, who led him in this direction when he decided to decorate his ‘La Sapinière’ villa in Evian with the works of contemporary artists. Baron Vitta already owned some of Chéret´s pastel works and asked him to produce fresco paintings for the walls of his billiards room. This extensive decoration work kept him busy until 1907. At the same time as working as a decorator, Chéret also continued to draw and often worked at his easel on pastel as well as oil and gouache works. Jules Chéret spent his final years in Nice where he moved with his wife in 1898. He died, blind, in 1932 but was lucky enough to have attended the opening of the 'Musée des Beaux–Arts Jules Chéret´ museum in 1928. In 1933, the Salon d´Automne paid homage to him with an extensive retrospective exhibition of his works. Pierre Blanchet.


Chéret Jules
L’esprit et la grâce. Dans l’œuvre de Jules Cheret.
Vaumarcus, Acatos, 2008
Bilingual French, English


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